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Omnichannel is the way to go

Hybrid, omnichannel, ... You probably already read about these terms, but what do they actually mean? And why are they gaining in importance? We’ll explain it to you in detail below because we also strongly believe in a hybrid future.

Both terms are about the same principle: the presence of your company on more than one channel. In an omnichannel marketing strategy the customer can buy your product online or in the showroom. In a hybrid world, the visitor chooses to follow along live or remotely. The goal is the same every time: to give the buyer the choice and therefore meet his or her needs.

The importance of omnichannel

We strongly believe in both methods because the expectations of buyers are getting higher and higher. After all, customers want 24/7 access to your offer. According to Intracto, there’s a zero tolerance regarding the digital aspect in the b2b sector. The evolution in the b2c world has had an enormous impact on the b2b sector. Consumers consider it normal to arrive at their orders the very next day. This is the case with some large b2c players and therefore they take it for granted.

So, make sure you have both a virtual and physical presence. Focus on creating an optimal customer experience, on every channel.

There was uncertainty for a long time, but currently it is more than clear: virtual presence remains important. However, there needs to be a fair balance between in-person and remote touchpoints. Because admit it, you too are happy to finally visit that physical showroom again.

In addition, we all realize that it is not necessary to relocate for every appointment. We are not eager to spend hours in a traffic jam again for something that can be done perfectly online. We don't just hop on a plane, we first consider whether it is really necessary to be physically present at that particular trade fair for example. We have all experienced the benefits of virtual meetings and do not want to completely abandon them again. So, every customer is looking for the ideal balance and wants to have the choice to follow along live or remotely. And that is exactly why a hybrid or omnichannel approach is the way to go. But how do you tackle that in practice?

An omnichannel marketing strategy put into practice

We like to illustrate the terms omnichannel and hybrid through the case below.

Stefaan is in charge at Van Hulle bouwservice in Tielt. For generations, they have been a well-known overall partner for construction comfort. They guide individuals and professionals in their search for the perfect floor, for example.

The major issue at Van Hulle was that customers primarily had time to discover the product range in the evening, but that the physical showroom was already closed by then. To solve this problem, we created a virtual showroom.

Every visitor can log in to the online platform with a unique code and discover the range themselves. Anywhere, anytime. They can even save their favorite floors for future reference.

Next, they like to visit the physical showroom to see the floor in real life and that too is possible via the platform. Anyone can book an appointment online. And that is a win-win situation for both parties. Stefaan and his colleagues know exactly what the customers need before they come to the showroom because they have access to the customer's list of favorites. The customer himself can always consult all the necessary information.

Digitale showroom van hulle2

Xperify as an all-in-one software platform

Moreover, Van Hulle can reuse the content in the physical showroom, all through Xperify. Doesn't sound bad, right?

Xperify is a complete eco-system where you can convert existing digital content into a strong story. Where you really connect with your visitor, no matter where or when. Where you create an interactive experience, whether in a physical, virtual or hybrid environment.

So, what are you waiting for?

Opt for an omnichannel approach and anticipate on the needs of your customers.

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