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Ariadne Innovation

“Ariadne offers a digital platform for a more sustainable textiles and fashion industry.”

Ellie.Boutique – the digital product booth

Founders Julie and Florence approached us a while ago to translate their concept to different locations. To do so, we created the Ellie.Boutique.

According to them, the Ellie.Boutique is “a modular product booth to present your products in a very interactive way.” With Xperify they can customise the content per visitor. Anyone can rent the Ellie.Boutique.

“Whether it is to present your products in your showroom or at an event, or if you want to organize an awareness-raising campaign with a collecting campaign, Ellie.Boutique offers you an infinite range of possibilities.”

Ellie boutique xperify

"Thanks to Xperify, we can offer a combined on- and offline, interactive experience to support our mission."

Julie Lietaer - Founder Ariadne Innovation

Ellie.Connect – the virtual showroom

People come to the Ellie.Boutique themselves, while via Ellie.Connect they can bring the showroom to their customers. The content itself can be tailored to the visitor. According to them, it is "the perfect tool.

The biggest advantage is that we control/manage both Ellie.Boutique and Ellie.Connect via Xperify. We can manage the content centrally in one library and use it for both applications.

Xperify ellie connect

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