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Mario David is responsible for selling floors in Western Europe for the German Classen group. His wife Astrid Ehrig focuses on interior design and has her own interior design shop in Knokke.

The building in Izegem is actually the headquarters and showroom for Classen Western Europe. The company specifically targets laminate flooring buyers like DIY chains and wholesalers. Castorama, Brico Planet, Gamma, B&Q are a few of the customers that come through the door.

"We were looking for a tool to easily change the look and feel in our showroom. One that we can also link to our existing PM system. Xperify turned out to be perfect for that”, says Bjorn Deloof, Marketing Director at Classen.

Easily update content or activate another scenario

We have different customers who require a different approach. Moreover, some of them come for Classen and some come for Astrid Ehrig. That's why it's a big advantage for us that we can change all the content in the showroom ourselves. We can change the scenario and add new media.

Thanks to the software platform, all content remains up-to-date, we can share information quickly and we are able to distribute different media to multiple screens and locations. As a result, every customer immediately sees relevant content and we make a good and professional first impression.

Showroom Classen Izegem, powered by Xperify

Always the most recent documents available

“Our marketing department works more efficiently and it also brings benefits for our sales staff. They always have the right documents nearby and can show off the interactive and digital showroom. Xperify is also an extremely useful tool in terms of follow-up.”

"We'll be adding more scenarios in the future"

The great thing is that we can continue to work with the platform for a while. We can expand our existing scenarios, we can add new stories and we can provide other branches with content. And all that with just one platform.

Our ultimate goal is to eventually control the screens at DIY chains through Xperify as well.

Classen showroom xperify

Why does Xperify make the difference for you?

"The big difference is that it forces you to work in a structured way. That' s a benefit for our team and for our customers. It takes some time to get used to it at first, but internally everyone quickly adapted to Xperify. Another advantage is that we don't have to rely on a graphic designer or developer for everything. Everybody can easily change or update the content", says Bjorn.

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