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“Xperify is an all-in-one platform. We first used it to create an attractive, virtual environment during the pandemic and then extended that same content into our physical booth.”

The virtual showroom of Nipro

"The possibilities with Xperify are endless and the result is definitely impressive, but it did require some brainwork and preparation. We started from the existing content and tried to make a logical and coherent story out of it.”

“Initially, we used it mainly as an alternative to physical trade shows and as a replacement for other virtual meeting applications. Today, it goes beyond that. We recently decided to run every online customer contact through Xperify. This way we can extend our recognizable identity there as well and ensure that sales always have the latest content available.”

Benefits for the sales department

"The most recent presentations, documents, images, ... are all in Xperify. Besides, thanks to the screen sharing function, they can add extra information if they want to. So there' s no more different presentations, each leading a life of their own."

“The installation used during the CPhI in Milan enabled us to promote our portfolio in a highly interactive and immersive way to our customers."

Christoph Grinda - Marketing manager Nipro

Benefits for the marketing department

"For marketing, I think the flexibility of the software is a big plus. You can easily change the content and don't have to start from scratch every time. Our marketing department finalized our virtual environment in detail, which also brought them peace of mind.”

The physical exhibition stand of Nipro

"We have been working with the software platform for some time and we thought it would be nice to extend our virtual environment into reallife as well. When physical fairs were scheduled again, we decided to bring our virtual environment to life. And it was also perfectly possible to control this content via Xperify. That's a big advantage for us, having a huge number of possibilities on the same platform."

"Via a tablet, someone from Nipro can control the entire visit. Just like in the virtual environment, the host can determine which content is interesting and which is not for a certain group."

Nipro fair xperify

Reuse digital content

"The biggest advantage is that this interactive installation is a literal copy of our virtual space. The content is the same and every adjustment shows up immediately in both the virtual and the physical environment. Therefore, we only need to make an update once."

User-friendly: one interface, various applications

"The interface is the same online and on the tablet. This makes it easy for existing Xperify virtual customers to start working with digital storytelling in physical spaces as well. New customers, on the other hand, get the best of both worlds: they can create an interactive experience both remotely and in-person using the same platform and with the same content."

Interactive experience xperify

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