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Voestalpine Sadef

Voestalpine Sadef profiles itself as 'profile solutions provider'. The company produces customized open and closed profiles in steel.

As a specialised production company, it is not easy to have all your customer visits take place virtually at once. Yet that was exactly what voestalpine Sadef from Gits did in March 2020. "We quickly decided to use the Xperify platform of Ocular for our meetings with customers. We now also see other opportunities besides the commercial ones, for example in the field of HR", Commercial Manager Stijn Vanneste explains.

"We were looking for a way to personally get in touch with prospects and existing customers. Xperify turned out to be the ideal tool to tell our story from a distance."

Stijn Vanneste - Commercial Manager Voestalpine Sadef

The basis for that digital storytelling had already been established, with our House of Innovation. " That' s a state-of-the-art building where we showcase our latest innovations. There' s an interactive wall, where visitors get information about our production process and the link to the application and the profile itself. It triggers them, and makes the House of Innovation the ideal place to brainstorm together.

With Xperify we actually wanted to create a virtual equivalent for this. On the platform, we can have live discussions and make sketches. That's how we collaborate with the customer on product development. What used to happen physically, now happens online through Xperify. We see our virtual space especially as an addition to our physical meetings. We also see opportunities in recruitment, for example, or in creating a digital tech center," Stijn concludes.

Sadef interactive showroom

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