Frequently asked questions

Some of the most common questions in a practical overview.

What is Xperify?

Xperify is a software platform to transform your digital content into an interactive story.

To Xperify:

To tell your story through interactive and memorable experiences, based on technology.

Xperify your story. Any time, any place.

Do I need any previous knowledge to start with Xperify?

Usability is key at Xperify.

No prior knowledge is required, although it may help if you have worked with graphical tools or CMS-systems before. Xperify basically works like a website: with a few clicks you can add content in one or more languages.

Can I connect the platform to other systems?

Xperify works effortlessly with CRM, PIM, DAM. Take advantage of powerful APIs to connect Xperify to the tools you use or to link your space to trade shows or events.

Discover more here.

How long will I have access to the software platform?

At Xperify we work with an annual subscription. For 12 months you have access to our software platform and you complete the spaces as you wish.

In certain cases we can make exceptions, please ask for more info via our contact form.

How can I get started with Xperify?

We've made several packages for your showroom, experience center, trade fair or lobby. Find out more about our packages here.