Xperify software for marketing and sales

For who?

Xperify is an all-in-one tool tailored to the needs of anyone in your company. Discover the endless possibilities for you.

Xperify for marketeers

For marketeers, it’s the ultimate tool to transform digital content to a physical and/or virtual space.

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Reuse existing content

Reuse your existing content on Xperify. To set up your virtual showroom or digital experience center, you can simply use existing digital content. For instance: photos, videos, logos, PDFs, ... It is also possible to integrate your corporate identity in your virtual or digital environment.

Nipro did this, both in their virtual space and on their physical exhibition stand.

Digital storytelling tailored to your visitor

Xperify enables you to tailor your content to the visitor. You can give the virtual showroom a different look and feel and change the content. In addition, in any physical space where devices are controlled by Xperify, you can use a different scenario for each (type of) visitor.

Organise an event

Xperify is also great for events, both remote and live. For a physical event, you can add content to the screens and manage it via the platform. For an online event, you can set up a virtual waiting room and virtual environment via Xperify. Just think of a webinar, a job happening where people can follow along remotely, a product training course, etc.

Add different languages

Does your target group speak different languages? And would you like to add all those languages in the same space as you do on your website? No problem at all. This can be done perfectly in Xperify. Adjust the text or add a new image for all languages.

Xperify for sales

For sales, it’s the ultimate tool to follow up and guide customers. You focus on selling, we do the rest.

Xperify connect to other systems

Schedule a visit

Would you like to invite someone to your physical showroom? And perhaps get to know them in advance in your virtual space? It' s possible in Xperify. Link your calendar to the online environment, start a conversation through videocall and make a follow-up appointment in your physical showroom.

Keep all relevant info nearby, both online and live

Thanks to Xperify, you'll never have to search for the right presentation or the latest file on the shared server again. Gather all your digital content centrally on Xperify. This way you always have the necessary files close by - even when you're on the road!

Evaluate the visit

In Xperify it' s possible to measure, among other things, where your visitor clicks in the virtual environment. You can also question the visitor or ask for feedback, both in the physical space via a touch screen and online. After each visit, you can consult various metrics to improve the next visit.

Link the platform with other systems

You can easily link Xperify with a DAM-, PIM- or CRM-system.

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