Release 2 1 7 xperify

Brand new feature:
our scheduler!

This is not your average release...

We've just launched a brand new feature and we would like to share it with you...

Schedule your content from now on

Until now, you had to manually turn your scenarios on. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to schedule your content in advance? So that you can prepare a visit the day before or already plan content for that particular event at the weekend?

Well, from now on you can!

Anyone with a hybrid box can schedule scenarios. So if you have a workshop on Wednesday, you can set up the content on Tuesday, on Monday, the week before, ... You can define when a certain scenario should be active.

Moreover, you can also schedule when the exhibits have to be turned off. This way, there will never be a screen that stays on all the time...

Discover more about it in the video below:

Interested in this feature but you don't have a hybrid box yet?

Reach out for more.