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Release update 2.1.0 - Yabba Yopplethwart

News flash: File Cards have an ID now!

Release date: February 23th 2022

Version: 2.1.0

New and improvements

1. Lobby experience: rotation time

In the lobby experience module, the duration of videos in the spotlight used to be related to the spotlight rotation time. If this time was shorter than the length of the video, the video suddenly stopped and the next content appeared. From now on, this is in the past!

If the video is shorter than the rotation time, the transition just happens a little sooner.

2. Coming soon: integrated RFID tags

This feature is not yet fully developed, but we didn't want to keep it from you!

Soon it will be possible to work with RFID tags within Xperify. When you place a certain tag on the surface or you lift it, specific content will be activated. It immediately opens the right filecard for example. The wireless pick-up sensors are easy to mount on any product.

It will also be possible to manage sensors that notice presence of people in the room and display relevant content at that time.

Stay tuned for more about this feature!

3. CSS-styling: more possibilities

We've made some updates that offer more possibilities in terms of CSS-styling. This means that you can personalize the content even more!

4. PDF files: navigation below

The navigation for a PDF file is no longer at the top. This makes it easier to operate even large touchscreens with ease!

5. Search function for presets

From now on it is possible to search through your presets at the keypoints in your scenario. This is useful for those who need to control a lot of lights, doors, etc.


Small improvements

We are constantly improving our platform by making adjustments.

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