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Release update 2.1.3 - Wuthering Wanglewink

News flash: File Cards have an ID now!

Release date: May 18th 2022

Version: 2.1.3

New and improvements

File cards now have an ID!

It's now easier to add custom CSS styling to a file card, we've added the ID of each file card next to its title in the dashboard!


Interactive Map: touchpoints

From now on, touchpoints will automatically appear on the right spot. It’s no longer possible to drag a touchpoint out of the image.

Digital Label: single file card

When you only had one file card in your digital label it would not show, but this has been solved right now.

Lobby Experience: assets

In the Lobby Experience module, there used to be black borders around images that were put in the spotlight. That' s in the past now, hooray!

Severall small fixes

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