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Release update 2.1.5 - Vingelbert Vaporetto

New: our Scrollable Interactive Map!

Release date: June 15th 2022

Version: 2.1.5

New and improvements

1. Scrollable Interactive Map

Brand new: our Scrollable Interactive Map! From now on it's possible to scroll through your Interactive Map on every screens. Moreover, you can also choose at which point the image should start.

This feature is also available for video.

2. You can now combine a screensaver with a mediashow!

When the video ends, the screensaver is activated again and it allows you now to select the video in the correct language.

3. CSS templates

There are new CSS templates available for file a card in a digital label. More info here.

4. Add multiple assets

From now on it is possible to upload multiple assets at once in a file card. That means adding your content more efficiently and faster!


  • Uploaded photos as background in the main menu are saved at all times now.
  • Optimizations in the use of the interactive map module in the CMS system.
  • Optimizations in the use of the share function.

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